Total Kaos 2000 - Forget The Pas-Be Free

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Autor: Vários Artistas
Titulo: Total Kaos 2000 - Forget The Past / Be Free
Formato: 2 × CD, Mixed, Colectâneas
Data de Lançamento: 22-03-2000
Género: Dance
Edição e Publicação: Kaos Records, Vidisco


CD1 - Forget The Past

1-01 The Lights (Red Pepper Mix)
Underground Sound Of Lisbon
1-02 Baby Do You Feel Me (Tilt's Falling Over Club Dub) feat. Teena Marie
Danny Tenaglia

1-03 The Driver Don't Stop

1-04 Burnin' Up (DJ Vibe Unreleased Mix)
1-05 African Dream Feat. Filipe Mukenga, Filipe Zau
Underground Sound Of Lisbon
1-06 The Golden Bonsai
Paul Jays

1-07 Body (Paul Jays Free Mix)
Funky Green Dogs
1-08 Ted Trax (Dominator Dub)
Problem Kids

1-09 Hobe Dance
1-10 Twist My Brain
Little Eric
1-11 The Horn Ride
1-12 Highly Superstitious (Dino & Terry Remix 1)
Paul Jays
1-13 I Can't Help It (Fauvrelle's Big Cake Mix)
Funky Green Dogs
1-14 Bubblegroove 2000 (Break Da Beat Mix)
1-15 Lightspeed (Pig Dog Mix)
Del 5
1.16 Echekeboom
Little Eric
1-17 Spiritual Thing

1-18 Action E (After Mix)
DJ Jiggy
1-19 Signal Track
Head Tone
1-20 Mode D'Emploi
CD2 - Be Free

2-01 Free Your Mind
DJ Tó Ricciardi

2-02 Midlight
Deep In

2-03 Intersaxion
Paul Jays

2-04 The Biggest Thing In Detroit
Del 5

2-05 Unrelease The Paradise
The Shout

2-06 7th Sun
Carlos Fauvrelle

2-07 Are You Looking For Me? feat. Celeda
Underground Sound Of Lisbon

2-08 The Trombone Theme
Alex S & Doctor J

2-09 Take Care Of Life On Earth
Urban Dreams

2.10 Let The Happiness In
Deep In

2-11 Reflection (Freaks, And If It Wasn't For The Music Dub)
2-12 Goosebumps (Lula-pella) feat. Lula Grelhada
2-13 Electopop
Carlos Fauvrelle
2-14 Disco From The Gods
Paul Jays
2-15 Fusion 1
2-16 Human Soul
Mata Hari
2-17 Ambient Love
Urban Dreams
2-18 Sax Theme (Doctor J Mix)
Alex S & Doctor J
2-19 8th Sense (Break Sense Version)
Deep In
2-20 Geschichtschreiber

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